Explore or Stay Active

A variety of activities are possible within or outside the property

Yoga Classes

Yoga is an amazing system for building health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Whether you stick to a regular yoga practice at home or have never tried yoga before, adding yoga classes to your vacation will bring your relaxation to new levels.


Modern meditation, which is really as old as man, is nothing more than  a re-designing of the meditation of old, in an attempt to meet the Western way of life today.

It is a means to an end /a means of exercising, which helps us escape the known, everyday, eternal dialogue between mind and body and to replace, to give space to the essential and deeper dialogue between heart and mind. On a higher level, modern meditation brings us in touch with the dialogue between the out-of-body consciousness and heart.

It is a procedure that leads us to compassion, happiness, bliss and health.

Tai Chi

The deep relaxation and the therapeutic effect of tai chi on the whole body changes the brain waves and modulates the hormone chemistry, which in turn influences the whole being.

Tai chi chuan is particularly helpful for spinal cord and joint problems. Flexibility and strength are provided, due to the right alignment of the body around its central axis and the great care given in the gravity center of energy, or tan tien. All the above can only influence beneficially the internal organs that are massaged, without being shaken violently, as when jogging or doing aerobics.

The Wu style tai chi that we teach, with its high and short pauses, can be practiced by people of every age.


Samos is one of the few islands that have both sea and mountains. This island not only offers magnificent clean beaches, but also has lush green mountains with trails of incredible beauty.

Trekking and walking along old roads, stone laid walkways or simple paths through forests, streams or mountainsides, all with an enchanting view. You could pass through traditional settlements, quenching your thirst at a refreshing spring.

You will admire the variation in the landscape and your mind will give in to its senses and find tranquility. The heart soars and your whole being shall delight in the pleasure. Physically wakeful and Spiritually calm!