The beauty of Samos Island during winter

The beauty of Samos Island during winter

Anastasis Anastasis September 6, 2019 0 Comments Samos

Samos is a marvelous island, which has the unique quality of  transforming itself in all levels throughout the year. During winter,  the Samian landscape feels and looks completely different than it does in summer. ​The visitor can enjoy the virtues of Greek hospitality, that are hidden in the small taverns and coffee-shops, which locals like to visit when all the tourists are gone. The towns and villages, when all the touristic shops and gathering places close for the winter, are filled with cozy, warm caffeterias, bars and restaurants.

The nature of Samos, with the high, covered-in-forests mountains, with all the streams, waterfalls and fountains, awaits the visitors to embrace the wilder side of the island. This time of the year is ideal for trekking and hiking, as well as for mountain-bike rides through the lush green forests.

 Visit Samos during Autumn, Winter and Spring, and get to see up-close the wilderness and warmth that our island has to offer or enjoy a quiet, relaxing and stress free vacation experience while connecting to the purest side of Samian culture and nature.


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