Food & Drink

Great tastes from local products and home made recipes

*Dining is available for groups of 7+ people

Greens from local gardens

Our light yet satisfying salad recipes shine with garden-fresh veggies and the locally grown fruits will satisfy your taste-buds.

Traditional Oven

A range of specials meals are prepared for you in the wood-burning brick oven. The Brick Oven has an authentic wood burning oven, which is cooks food at a temperature of 500-550F by burning oak.

Local Tastes

The Greek Cuisine is unique, passed from generation to generation and is worldwide acknowledged as one of the healthiest ways to eat.

Follow us in a unique gastronomy journey, learn about the local tastes with our homemade meals and snacks.

Meals in the Kiosk

What could be better option for your Breakfast or lunch than enjoying it with an amazing view. In the Kiosk the sea breeze keeps you cool from the summer temperature,  while tasting exceptional local dishes.