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I am incredibly happy to invite you again for a week’s retreat with yoga and meditation on the beautiful Greek island of Samos. We spend time at the yoga mat, take the deep breath and let the body and heart fit. It is an intense and energizing week that offers lots of brilliant sunlight, tranquility, raw nature, body and mind training, nourishment to your soul, introspection / extrovert in self-chosen doses, reflection, time in silence and time together, immersion , development and more. The week is:

• For those who want to be inspired and revitalized by yoga, the sea, the sun and the beautiful surroundings

• For those who want to get stronger in your body and improve both your physical and mental strength and agility

• For those who need a reset, to get into gear and recharge • For those who miss a breathing hole and reflection room where you have time to stop and check in with yourself

• For those who need just to be with what is now – rather than running on in life

• For those who need to tidy up something that is not life-giving longer, listen inward and adjust your direction forward

• For those who want to go deeper into yoga and feel how the tools can contribute to your life The list could continue!

There are many good reasons to make room in the calendar and take it with you.



We start each morning with meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, relaxation and joint reflections at. 7.30-9.30 / 9.45 and again in the afternoon at. From 16.30 to 18.30. From time to time our common time stretches over breakfast, where we share our experiences with each other or discuss yoga. Often there will be a reflection exercise for the day. One of the days we get up early for a meditation in nature and the quiet morning. It usually is an intense week in many ways. That is why we keep teaching-free one afternoon during the week, so that body and mind are allowed to rest, and there is the opportunity to go on a longer day trip or just relax completely. Otherwise, the days are spent on their own or with joint activities. Here is the time to go on excursions around the island, visit the nearby town of Karlovassi, relax at your own pace, walk in the beautiful scenery, swim in the sea, eat good food, reflect on life, read books and enjoy the wind and the sun. You create the week for yourself, completely as you like.

The teaching takes place in a wonderful yoga hall overlooking the sea. The teaching is based on:
– Asanas: Physical yoga exercises based on Sivanandayoga / hatha yoga
– Pranayama: Breathing exercises
– Savasana: Relaxation
– Meditation
– Tools from the yogic and mayan tradition to development and reflection


It requires no preconditions to participate beyond an open mind and desire to be involved. The teaching is adapted to the individual so that everyone can participate – whether you are a beginner and want an introduction to yoga and meditation or are practiced and want to go deeper into your practice and dedicate time to yourself. There will be room for the individual and time for introduction and individual guidance so that everyone is challenged. Invite your friend / colleague, colleague or daughter if you want to share the experience. Or come with yourself. It is up to you.


Samos is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Mountainous and green with beaches and breathtaking cliffs surrounded by turquoise sea. We live right where heaven and sea meet at Stelios and Elina in Villa Eva, located far away from noise and noise on Samos’ north coast four kilometers away from the town of Karlovassi. It is a small wonderful family run place right on the Mediterranean with a view of Turkey. There is sunrise to one side and sunset to the other, overlooking the bay and 50 meters to the nearest beach. Five minutes walking brings you to another small beach. We are often the only people on the rocky beaches. We usually have Villa Eva for ourselves. Maybe there are a few other guests. Otherwise, there is most peace and quiet. They are small apartments and the rooms are all decorated differently. There is either its own small kitchen and toilet / bath in the room, or two rooms share a common small kitchen and toilet / bath. Most rooms have a balcony or terrace overlooking either the sea or the garden. You can choose to stay alone or share a room with one or two others. The beautiful surroundings help nourish your soul and create peace of mind, and you can just sit back, breathe freely and let yourself fill up.


The yoga stay at Samos is a great opportunity to strengthen your body, stretch your muscles and get the oxygen cells. Through yoga, breathing exercises and meditation, my body was ready to go autumn in full of energy. Sitting on the rocks in the morning red and meditating is wonderful. The place is magical. Silence. Just toes and tranquility. Lovely to stay on the edge of the sea and watch the rhythms of the day and night. Christina is a super-inspiring teacher who moves far beyond yoga with simple and different ways to view herself and the approach to life. The size of the team is perfect. Big enough that I felt like a part of a bunch, where I could disappear a little if I wanted it – and at the same time small enough that I could understand the individual and get to know some of them quite well. Anyone should give himself a breathhole of this kind once in a while. It was truly amazing.

I thank you very much and thankfully for a truly wonderful week. It is simply some fantastic weeks you have been created down there in the lovely heat in beautiful surroundings – pure magic! And a really nice concept. Your silent authority and overwhelming knowledge of anything within yoga and meditation completely overwhelmed me. In addition, there is the loving and caring way in which you operate your teaching. Completely completed. It was a truly wonderful and redeeming experience to be with down there. Many thousand thanks for that!

It has been a fantastic week for me – in the near future a revelation. You are a crazy good instructor. Deeply professional, but at the same time a very beautiful person. I can’t imagine what can be different or better. Also Villa Eva and the place on the whole are wonderful. I can only say 1000 thanks!

It’s all been good! Great place, unique yoga room, no better place anywhere in the world. I love the place! Lovely rooms, delicious breakfast and really nice people. Thanks for everything this week. I’m on next year.
Hanne B.

It has been a wonderful mix of working with yourself both physically and mentally. Thanks for the great gift it has been. The place is in the middle of the raw, lovely nature where the sea and sky meet, and you yourself sit in the middle of it all. We have been a group of people, very different, but we all met in yoga and worked with ourselves. There is so much space that everyone can join. You create a space where amazing experiences, development and physical work are like a play. Thanks for a great week.

Once again, I have been fortunate to be in your knowledgeable hands and your warm calm for a week. I have come home with more energy, clarity and calm. I needed more that week than I knew. You are the most talented yoga guide I have ever been to. Your warmth and care for us all shines through in everything you do. You are simply light and love. I love the space you always give. THANKS.

I participated in Christina’s yoga holiday at samos in May 2018. It was an incredibly beautiful week. I felt very comfortable and accommodated in Christina’s presence, and there was always room to approach her, whether it be yoga, the body or the mental. My body really enjoyed the breathing exercises, meditations and yoga. It gave me time and quiet to listen to it, and it contained information for me that I had not imagined at all. After the yoga lesson, I felt full of energy, and I experienced a lightness in my body that I did not remember having felt before.

In May it will be the 11th time we leave. I really enjoy myself!




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Ocea Retreat

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Christina Hernvig

Ocea RetreatAgios Nikolaos, Kodakaiika


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