Meditation full

Nowadays, in an era of acceleration  and “hyper-information”, meditation is projected as a need more than at any other time in history. Not necessarily to aspire to Enlightenment, but rather for one’s daily survival, inner peace and physical health.
The mind, exhausted by the continuous inflow and management of information and feelings, fails to allow us the quiescence and relaxation that we so require, driving us gradually to psychological imbalance and physical illness.

Modern meditation
, which is really as old as man, is nothing more than  a re-designing of the meditation of old, in an attempt to meet the Western way of life today.
It is a means to an end /a means of exercising, which helps us escape the known, everyday, eternal dialogue between mind and body and to replace, to give space to the essential and deeper dialogue between heart and mind. On a higher level, modern meditation brings us in touch with the dialogue between the out-of-body consciousness and heart.

It is a procedure that leads us to compassionhappiness/bliss, and good health.



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