Shiatsu FULL

The word Shiatsu in Japanese means “pressure with the fingers” if translated literally. That suggests that pressure on specific points or areas of the body can have a therapeutic effect on the body. With this therapy, naturally your body’s power will be strengthened and your system’s lost balance shall be re-established. Pressure may be applied not only with the thumb but with the other fingers as well as the palm of the hand, the fist, forearm, the elbow, the knee and the foot. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body's vital energy (Qi or Chi) flows through a pipeline system...

Chi Quong Full

Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong is best known for helping to heal back and spinal injuries. The name "Marriage of Heaven and Earth" comes from the combination of female qualities of yin, associated with the Earth, and the masculine qualities of yang, associated with heaven. The whole universe (heaven and earth) is pulsating with chi (qi) or energy and so is the human body. The spine, joints, organs, blood and indeed all the internal systems of the body pulsate or open and close in a natural rhythm. When the body is healthy, this pulsing is even and strong. When the body becomes ill, pulsing deteriorates...

Craniosarcal therapy full

Craniosacral Therapy is not only a cure but a complete philosophy and way of life.  Soft and gentle touches are applied to the body, spine and skull. Craniosacral Therapy involves elements and applications that prepare the body so that it encourages (furthers)the course of the session so as to eliminate injuries and traumatic experiences that may be incurred in a lifetime and form the basis for many diseases and ailments. It is very difficult to understand how that happens because the treatment goes beyond our action, which asks of the patient to leave their fate and their health (their health...

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