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    Have you ever thought about organizing your own seminar or you are an experienced teacher?

    We know that it could be a daunting task to take a group of people to one place to practice in a workshop or retreat for a few consecutive days, and thinking about everything that’s involved in the process of the organization of a retreat could be a bit overwhelming.

    But it might be easier than you think when you decide to go to the right place!

    Here in Ocea Retreat we provide great advantages, options and support to organize the perfect seminar.

    Natural Beauty

    Local Cuisine

    Ideal Facilities

    Great Location

    Vast Experience

    More than 100 Successful Retreats

    In our long history

    What the instructors say for us:

    Dedicated Seminar Sala

    With amazing view & natural light

    Ocea Retreat is a place you will love returning again and again. A place you will feel more alive, more…. yourself.

    From the time you step off the plane you fill up with the uplifting energy of the Island, it’s rich nature and it’s vast beauty.

    Samos is an ideal destination for the whole year. The feast of the spring flowers, the majestic blue summer sea, the unique shades of autumn and the inner warmth of winter, create the perfect scenery for a rejuvenating experience.

    Amazing Local Tastes

    From the garden to your table

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    The Hosts

    Stelios & Elina will be more than happy to help you organize a memorable seminar!


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