Shiatsu FULL

The word Shiatsu in Japanese means “pressure with the fingers” if translated literally. That suggests that pressure on specific points or areas of the body can have a therapeutic effect on the body.

With this therapy, naturally your body’s power will be strengthened and your system’s lost balance shall be re-established.

Pressure may be applied not only with the thumb but with the other fingers as well as the palm of the hand, the fist, forearm, the elbow, the knee and the foot.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body’s vital energy (Qi or Chi) flows through a pipeline system (meridians). This action consists of the combination of two different principles: the yin and yang, archetypal qualities that determine everything in the entire universe.

Behind every health problem, physical or mental, is an imbalance between yin and yang. Then the energy that flows through the  meridians differentiates from the equilibrium, either in quantity (state of exaggeration «Jitsu» or inefficiency «kyo»), or in the kinetic state (state of stagnation or hyperactivity) or there ends  the information being carried by the energy (Ki). This imbalance is reflected in the body and manifests as pain, disease, lack of joy, feeling of discomfort or unease.

That which we achieve through Shiatsu is to bring balance to the relationship between yin and yang, which leads to the recovery from the disorder that was manifested with the specific symptoms.

A Shiatsu session usually has a duration of 50-60 minutes and is performed while the individual is dressed with comfortable clothing and lying down – mostly – on a mattress (futon) on the floor.

Shiatsu is for everybody, since we all need to find the balance and reinforcement that it can offer us. Nobody is in perfect harmony and for that reason one doesn’t need to be sick to begin Shiatsu. Shiatsu can help us in many ways.

Some examples:
• decrease energy
• increase awareness of the body
• relief from tension and anxiety
• deep relaxation
• reduced pain
• strengthening the immune system
• increase flexibility
• rehabilitation from injuries resulting from sports, dance …
• improves psychological and emotional stability
• Musculoskeletal problems (middle, neck, arthritic pains…)
• Digestive problems
• Improves Libido (sex life)
• Problems with menstrual cycle
• Harmonizing the body with the mind and spirit


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