Tai chi tsuan full

Practicing tai chi chuan as a martial art or meditation requires great dedication and discipline, like a highly motivated athlete.
However, the majority of those practicing tai chi chuan, use it therapeutically, as a natural regimen. Millions of people around the world relish the smooth harmonic movements of the form – a sequence of movements that resembles choreography. The seemingly simple movements can be followed by everybody, since emphasis is mainly given to the co-ordination of the limbs, spinal cord and pelvis. Nevertheless, the muscular system, and especially the legs and the waist, is also exercised.
The rounded without pause movements are designed to boost the circulatory, lymphatic, neural and myoskeletal systems.
In more detail, it is the slow helical movements which do not encumber the heart and thus, stimulate blood circulation in the periphery capillaries.
The same movements drain the lymph from the various tissues promoting its circulation. This is crucial, since there is no pump to circulate the lymph, as there is the heart that circulates the blood.

High lymphatic circulation is a key factor for the defensive mechanisms of our body.

The deep relaxation and the therapeutic effect of tai chi on the whole body changes the brain waves and modulates the hormone chemistry, which in turn influences the whole organism.

Tai chi chuan is particularly helpful for spinal cord and joint problems. Flexibility and strength are provided, due to the right alignment of the body around its central axis and the great care given in the gravity center of energy, or tan tien. All the above can only influence beneficially the internal organs that are massaged, without being shaken violently, as when jogging or doing aerobics.

The Wu style tai chi that we teach, with its high and short pauses, can be practiced by people of every age.
Initially easy to perform, it becomes more and more interesting, because of its delicacy and grace.


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