Time Therapy

Peace is a Decision

  • You can not bring Peace if you have not Peace
  • Only a world that is sharing can be a truly peaceful world
  • Sharing is the ultimate movement of love
  • Suffering comes from constantly having to defend yourself
  • At the root of all conflict is that two people feel hurt because they didn’t get the appreciation or love that they needed.
  • The real truth is that whenever someone is against us or does not like us, they refuse us the possibility to Love. We are in fact sad that we cannot express our love.
  • The greatest fear is that of not being loved(rejected)
  • In order to not immediately react to something it needs first that you not ignore or escape from it but create a relationship to it
  • A relationship dies when it has no space.
  • Whenever you stand still, observing without reacting, you create space.
  • You need space to stay with the sadness of not being loved(rejected)
  • Whenever you feel stuck or don’t know what to do or to say, connect with heart and wait
  • Inner discipline is to be constantly aware of what ever is there
  • The first step is to see that there is no aggression or any other fast feeling without fear behind.
  • The second step is to see that each psychological fear is symptom of sadness
  • Sadness is the bridge to love
  • Compassion is the movement of sadness and love at the same time. It is the vehicle to pass the bridge.
  • Qualities are always connected with the moment of Love-expression
  • Qualities need to be expressed
  • What is the motive when you use your qualities?
  • This body is your instrument for your qualities. If you don’t like this instrument then how can you use your qualities? They will be blocked.
  • Even in the darkness be aware that there is sun(Love)
  • The rising of the sun(Love) does not need your effort.


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