Trekking on Samos Island

Trekking on Samos Island

Anastasis Anastasis December 19, 2018 0 Comments Activities

Samos is one of the few islands that have both sea and mountains. This island not only offers magnificent clean beaches, but also has lush green mountains with trails of incredible beauty. Trekking and walking along old roads, stone laid walkways or simple paths through forests, streams or mountainsides, all with an enchanting view. You could pass through traditional settlements, quenching your thirst at a refreshing spring. You will admire the variation in the landscape and your mind will give in to its senses and find tranquility. The heart soars and your whole being shall delight in the pleasure. Physically wakeful and Spiritually calm!

Samos has one of the largest networks of foot-paths on the Greek islands, with pine trees that provide enough shade for a walk or hike even in the summer. More than 40 trails unravel on the island and await you. The duration of the trails varies and can be anywhere from one hour to a complete day. These excursions offer a unique opportunity for observation or a more serious study of the tremendous variety of fauna and flora here on Samos.

Spring(March, April, May) and  autumn(September, October, November)  are the best seasons for hiking/trekking on Samos, since the temperature is appropriate for walking and excursions/long hikes.

We are always available to make suggestions and organize excursions with an experienced guide (possibly speaking your language) on trails that suit you. Naturally, upon return we would offer you the ultimate in rest and relaxation. That could be accomplished either by Shiatsu or if you wish you can soak in our ultra sophisticated Jacuzzi (spa).

We are waiting for you.


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