10+1 Reasons to Chose Samos For Your Vacation

10+1 Reasons to Chose Samos For Your Vacation

Why Chose Samos Island For Your Vacation?

Samos island is a unique Greek island​ in​ the Northeastern Aegean Sea. It certainly has something to offer for ​everyone’s holiday​ taste!

Read why:

  1. This Island has plenty of natural beauty, special flora and fauna. It is also home to species like wild boars, jackals, seals and flamingos.
  2. Samos is located ​a few kilometers from Turkey (1,6 km being the closest point ) and thus ​easily accessible from there.
  3. It​ is the greenest ​island ​in the Aegean, with very high mountains (1,434m) and lush forests.
  4. Samos’ distinct​ climate sustains the verdant environment and is among the sunniest places in Europe. Furthermore it has an average of 3300 hours of sunshine annually.
  5. In addition to the island’s​ attractions the crystal clear beaches ​complete the astonishing scenery. You will also have access to well organized beaches, seaside restaurants and many cocktail bars.
  6. Samos has​ well preserved villages ​and traditional settlements​ nestled in the woods you can explore. 
  7. In K​arlovasi town there is ​a traditional winery. Some of the finest​ Greek wines​ are made there, from​ high quality Muscat grapes. France is importing these specific grapes to produce​ fine champagnes.
  8. For history lovers, Samos island dates back ​to 4.000 BC, where​ the first signs of human presence are documented​. The museums, ​archeological monuments and hundreds of chapels​ are worthy sightseeing choices.
  9. An other point of interest is the town of Heraion, near Pythagorion, which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Certainly the ruins of the ancient Ionic temple of the Greek goddess Hera are characteristic of this location.
  10. Samos is also the birthplace of the famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. He is best known for his invention of the Pythagorean theorem.

10+1 An ideal destination for hiking!

The island’s morphology in the region offers different options and has a variety of mountainous features. So mountaineering and climbing are a unique experience.

Who should Chose Samos?

Those who ​seek a​ vacation away from:

  • ​Large​ crowds
  • Fancy settings

And instead prefer:

  • Simple nature
  • Local traditions
  • Exploring through numerous hiking paths

​The destination of Samos will not disappoint you.

If you have already made your choice, do not hesitate to contact us regarding your Vacation. We can certainly help you to organize all details of your vacation. Ocea Retreat Offers warm hospitality and great services!


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